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What is a framework?

A framework has greatly changed the programming world. Now this is an important component of the development and all similar processes, including for the Itha Internet agency. A web framework is a tool that facilitates creation and launch of applications. You don’t have to write a huge amount of code by yourself, spend a lot of time on it and then try to find defects and fix them. A web framework: advantages and features In the very beginning of programming all programs was typed by programmers’ hands. And only the code creator was able to change app’s parts. Thanks to frameworks, we don’t have that problem anymore. Since the middle of 1990s all that hassle that was necessary for changing of any app structure has been eliminated, because the new general approach to the web application development was created. The use of frameworks gives a vast number of advantages. The following are the main ones:

  • the development became easier and the overall physical effort and the amount of time has decreased;
  • app development costs are decreased;
  • working time is optimized;
  • it’s possible to create a clean code that doesn’t need any refactoring.

So in other words, framework does the bulk of the work. A programmer, who decided to create an app for online shopping, won’t have to worry about the way of data recording. It’s necessary just to press the button to invoke an instrument which will solve the task. But security problems must be also taken into account. Almost all frameworks are open, so that has a direct impact on various problems from the outside. The second point is a complexity of a technology mastering. A framework is the other person’s creation, so sometimes it’s pretty hard to understand how it works. And when you change a product it’s necessary to learn again how to use a different one, for example you had mastered a one tool but got a job in a team that uses a completely different one. Types of frameworks Frameworks perform 2 essential functions: they work with a server and with a client. In the latter case, framework is associated with the external area of ​​the program, in other words, it is responsible for how the app looks. This is called the frontend, but the backend (working with the server side) is responsible for the internal content of the program. Consequently, there are 2 main types of frameworks:

  • server-side. They do not allow to create programs with a rich interface. But you can make it very simple. In addition, they are responsible for protection during attacks and generating of output data. This makes development easier. They are mainly responsible for certain parts of the program, without which it will not function. Django and Ruby on Rails are in a great demand;
  • client-side. Unlike the previous type, they are not connected with the logical part of the program at all; they work through a browser. Using them we can embed interfaces and make interesting animation. They all differ in functions. The most popular frameworks of this type are Angular, Ember.js.

But there is a third type which is multifunctional. Meteor is a good example. It meets all tasks, both on the server side and on the client side, which is why it is very popular. You won’t have to spend time setting up the right connection between two frameworks if you can use only one. In general, framework is a simple thing and it’s quite easy to deal with. The main thing is practice and patience. It’s better not to panic but to try to work and after some time you will master this tool.

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