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Ways of website promotion

A created web-resource needs a competent promotion, no matter how good, modern and interesting it is.
There are a broad variety of website promotion methods that in a short period of time allows Internet resources to become leaders on specific indicators.

Ways of website promotion

Website promotion ways can be "black" and "white". There are only "whites" in this article, since “blacks”, being spam, are usually banned.

  • • SEO promotion is a widely used way to promote a web resource. SEO optimizes the site in search engines which allows it to appear in the top lines of responses to users requests.
  • • Contextual advertising eliminates users who are not its target audience and finds its particular consumer, as it is designed for it.
  • • Promotion in social networks is a popular and effective way to attract an audience, since social networks are the most popular resources for people to interact with each other that provides sellers and buyers with feedback.
  • • Article promotion refers to SEO promotion, as the article is optimized in accordance with the rules of SEO.
  • • Banner advertising is especially effective if the advertising banner is placed on a thematic resource which helps to attract a particular target audience.
  • • Viral marketing is a specific way of attracting the users’ attention since it is they who are distributors of information about a product or a service: an interesting video spreads over the network and becomes popular within days.
  • • Publication in popular blogs gives an opportunity to quickly present a product to a wide audience of a popular person whose opinion is respected.
  • • Promotion through news and press releases provides for the creation or finding of a press event, through which you can advertise your offers.
  • • Advertising on forums is presented in several variants: banners, articles, product placement in relevant forum discussions.
  • • Placement in catalogs of websites and articles. On such resources you can leave a description of your company or post an article by providing a link to the website. Both methods involve link placement for incoming links creation.

Efficient website promotion is the use of most of the methods above. The result will be as perfect as possible only with an integrated approach to the issue.
Itha Internet Agency offers a wide variety of ways to promote a website on the Internet from SEO optimization to promotion on social networks (SMM).

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