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Why website is necessary?

To consider the creation of a website as something simple and not requiring special attention, as well as just an addition to the main activity of the organization is a mistake.  Allow it can as start-up companies and as operating for several decades.  Website development performed competently and efficiently can be the main source of information about the company and a tool for creating a positive image, as well as an element that distinguishes it from competitors, and is able to attract new customers and increase profits.  Itha is the company that for sure will allow you to get a quality web resource for use. You only need to correctly formulate your desires and identify the goals that will be realized during the development of your organization’s website.

The purpose of developing a website.

Creating a site sets many goals and implements even more tasks, and to make it useful and not to disappoint you, you need to properly approach the issue of their formulation. From the variety of goals, it’s possible to distinguish two main, which is able to solve the development of the site.

1.       Representing the company on the Internet and creating a positive image. As mentioned above, in today’s world it’s difficult to imagine a successful, prosperous company without it’s own website. Usually, to achieve this goal, the creation of a website consisting of 2-3 pages, which will contain everything that you want to tell customers about yourself, will suffice. Development of a site of this format is quite possible to be, for example, in cases where the company successfully uses other methods of promotion (offline) of goods and services and doesn’t need to be promoted using the site. Such a web resource will be a good solution for creating a positive image of the company, showing both existing and potential customers that, despite the success achieved, it’s always ready to move forward, develop and share it’s history. Besides, in our time to find the desired information is much easier through the Internet than in other ways, so the development of the site should be the starting point of your activity.

2.       Increasing the number of customers and profits. Website development, designed to become a platform for sales and attracting new customers, requires a large amount of resources. Here it is necessary to take into account many factors that are affect the state and operation of a web resource.

The main characteristics that should have a selling site:

·         Convenience so that any user of the Internet can easily navigate;

·         Memorable and non-repulsive design;

·         Filling with interesting, relevant to the visitor information. The development of the site is not the final point in the work on the web resource it must be updated regularly to keep attention;

·         Access to the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No one will like that the web resource every 10 hours is turned off or malfunctioning;

·         Easy searching exactly your site using key queries

Stages of site development.

Creation of the site is implementing by a team of specialists, dividing the work into separate stages. Thanks to this approach, the future web resource turns out high-quality and corresponds to requests. Usually, the development of a site of any orientation – from a small business card site to a multipage portal – includes the following steps:

1.       Filling customer briefs and questionnaires, the provision of materials about the company. It’s important to understand that at this stage much depends on you as a customer. How much complete and reliable information about your company you provide, as well as how clearly you express your desires, depends on how successful the development of the site is;

2.       Preparation of text and graphic material for placement on the site.  It’s simple: based on the information provided, the initial content of your web resource is being prepared;

3.       Drawing up a technical task for the development of the site;

4.       Website design development. The designer creates an image of your future resource, taking into account the information received. At this stage, the development of the site involves two options: the design can be completely original or based on any template that already includes a basic set of elements;

5.       Website layout. As soon as the design is prepared, its immediate layout begins;

6.       Matching – during this stage, you are looking at what the team has completed and, if available, make your corrections and comments. Or, in the absence of complaints about how the development of the site was carried out, sign the reconciliation papers, and it is launched on the Internet;

7.       Amendments based on the wishes of the customer. This stage is necessary only if you still have comments and wishes on the creation of the site.

Site development is complete. What’s next?

As soon as the creation of the site has ended, everything is agreed and the papers are signed, it’s downloaded directly to the Internet, where all interested users can find it. You can stop at this, but only if the development of the site was directed at creating an image, and wasn’t directed at expanding the customer base and increasing sales. If your site is intended for commercial purposes, then you should think about its further content, and this is at least several types of work:

·        professional support;

·        regular updates;

·        promotion;

·         setting contextual campaign.

The company Itha successfully carries out all these types of work, from the development of the site to it’s full support and promotion. Guaranteed quality and implementation of even the most courageous decisions is the basis of the organization’s work. If you need a competent web resource that works for you, Itha is your right decision!


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