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Flower and gift shop – development of mobile application online store. The customer originally had a beautiful and functional site, we had to create applications for iOS and Android in the corporate style, same time making the ordering process even more convenient.

Link to the application in Appstore

Link to the application in google play 

 Why to invest money in the development of applications, on the example of this case:

  • Share of traffic from mobile devices is constantly growing. In 2020, the growth was about 50% (according to statistics) and mobile steel devices priority devices (web-canape information based on App Annie and GWI data).
  • Now the client can easily motivate to install the app – fast internet is available almost everywhere, the devices have a large amount of memory, it is not difficult. While the added benefits marketers are working on, easily cover the labor cost of a couple of extra clicks.
  • If client installs the application of one company in a narrow market segment, then with great probability in the future he will address only to him. In addition to psychological factors, push notifications contribute to this.
  • The competitiveness. If you have not made the app today, tomorrow it will be made by the competitors. They will be on the desktop of your potential customer’s smartphone, not you. Losing such a current communication and sales channel is becoming more and more expensive

Project features and challenges:

  • The price segment of most of the company’s goods is above average, therefore, design and usability requirements are very high.
  • At the same time, we had a rather short development period, as the project had to be launched until Valentine's Day.
  • The site is created on CMS 1C Bitrix and does not have a ready API to link with the application. Warehouse accounting system 1C communicates with the site and does not interact with the application directly.
  • The CRM used is outside of our project.

So, what have we done:

Since we had a ready-made design created by Digital-агентством ALT IT Solutions , we focused on the prototypes and logic of the user’s communication with the program. Developed several options for application process diagrams, then selected one optimal and offered the customer immediately ready-made option.

The first thing we realized - that the photo bouquets should be more. MORE. MORE! But the characteristics of the goods on the contrary are not so important.

To interact with applications, we wrote an API on php.

Applications were developed on React Native using the Expo toolkit. This allowed us to meet the deadline and spend more time on testing. We know that the more thorough product testing, the more satisfied the customer is in the end.

Using popular tools, our team has developed a simple and intuitive application perfectly transmitting the beauty of the product being sold.

What we managed to achieve:

  • The purchase process is even more convenient than the site. The interface guides the user by limiting the number of extra taps and и transitions, understandable even to the most novice user.
  • Despite the small size of the device screens, the product is presented excellent, looks expensive.
  • The application works stably on both operating systems.
  • The terms of development and implementation are met.

Why is this case lucky?

  • Correct resource allocation - maximum time devoted to UX and testing.
  • The customer is satisfied that he is not overloaded with the need to choose, and we can work faster
  • Result exceeds all expectations - judging by the reviews, customers are satisfied with both the aesthetic part of the product and the overall usability.



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