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Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is simple and effective, but only in skilled hands. We want to show you with concrete examples how it works.

All advertising campaigns are based on the goals set by the customer. The most popular request is to get a sales flow or lead.

The School of Speed Reading and Intelligence Development is a complex and highly competitive business where technology rivals’ skills and it is not always possible to quantify the results of advertising campaigns unless crm is conducted with the tracking of lead generation channels. It’s rare in small businesses.

Doesn’t mean they’re untraceable, though. If you monitor the number of incoming applications daily and then apply the resulting chart to the statistics of the advertising campaign, then even with a minimum number of clicks you can get an idea of the effectiveness of advertising.

In this advertising campaign, we have achieved an increase in the customer base on average by 2 clients per day with 10 clicks and a spending of 200 rubles, which covers expenses many times.

Thus, the customer receives about 60 new customers monthly.

The rarer variant of advertising is to reach the maximum possible audience with access to the minimum cost of showing. In this case, less than a penny for three shows.

Recognizability is a very important indicator of the company when working in the mass market. In most cases, the model «know - want - buy» works. When there is a need for a service (or product), the user does not always study analytical reports, and more often chooses from the options already known to him, looking for what is already in his memory. To get into the head of the consumer - the first step to sale.

In addition to the initial setup, we manage advertising accounts on a permanent basis. In addition to monitoring and adjusting rates, we do hypothesis testing and performance optimization. Now, it is important to combine different types of advertising campaigns to maximize efficiency: in PCIA, on the search, using pay-per-click, to

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising

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