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WordPress plugins are built-in software mechanisms that are attached to the main program to implement some additional actions that are necessary to expand the functionality of the original version. Simply put, WordPress is a kind of framework or a ready-to-use form, which is filled with add-ons in forms of various useful options. These add-ones are plugins. After supplementing a system with plugins, we get a unique website with the functions that are necessary for the client. You will find more detailed information on this on the Itha official website. How do Wordpress plugins work? WordPress is a content management system when a website is created. This is a script that combines related php files. These files form a kernel, sufficient to create a blog or a site, but this option turns out to be plain and too minimal. Previously, even before WordPress 1.2, in order to expand the functionality of the whole system, it was necessary to edit the kernel on your own, and it was not very convenient, because of such improvements and updates failures could occur, and besides, not every user could edit the kernel. In order to fix this, the developers created a kernel that did not need to be fundamentally changed on your own, it was enough just to add programs for functions expansion. They can be easily installed on a website. They are stored in a certain folder and attached to the kernel. WordPress plugins are diverse. There are a vast number of them. You can make a dynamic and interesting resource out of a simple project with their help. The main tasks of WordPress plugins are as follows:

  • improve security. Thanks to such programs, the risk to get a virus is reduced;
  • optimize your search. The inner position of the pages will be improved for search engine algorithms;
  • insert photos and videos. That would work much easier;
  • keep statistics. You can track data on page entry, attendance, views, find out which materials are the most popular;
  • You can add a special form for comments on the page, chats, polls, and make an appeal to tech support.

These are the main functions of WordPress plugins. But given the diversity of plugins, you need to remember that you should not overload a website with them too much. Basic and obligatory plugins

  • All in One SEO Pack. Carries out the main tasks for a website optimization in a search engine. It is possible to use meta tags. Promotes a website.
  • It is used to correctly display links to content. There will be poor optimization results for a search engine without it.
  • Block Bad Queries. Such a plugin will block requests that can be potentially dangerous.
  • WP-DB-Backup. It controls the formation of a website database backup, and sends emails if necessary.
  • DB Cache Reloaded. Operates redistribution if a database is overloaded.
  • Dagon Design Sitemap Generator. Creates a map of the entire website with links where people who have visited the page can select publications and go directly to their pages.

This list is just a small part of WordPress plugins that will help to improve the functioning of a website. Some of them carry out only one function, others are more complex. Each webmaster independently decides which plugins are better to use so that they are more efficient and useful.

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