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Why does a website need technical support?

A company website is its virtual office where clients come to buy and services. And as a typical office a website needs certain contents. Because if it works with errors, outputs wrong or old data, works slow or even closes without giving a requested service, this scares clients away and company can loses money. For this reason, a web recourse creation is far from being unimportant and website maintenance is one of the most significant success elements of a company or a web-project of any level and direction. What is included in technical support? There is a common misconception that creation of a web-resource is the most difficult and final step of preparation for business representation on the Internet. This view leads to ignorance towards website maintenance in the future and a web-resource can dilapidate, work with errors or simply become old. Website maintenance is series of measures aimed at website correct work supporting, preventing risks and failures, updating its services and development measures performing if necessary.  Website maintenance includes:

  • content management system check (CMS);
  • work with hosting provider;
  • web-resource backup creation;
  • control of resources for website efficient work;
  • website migration at change of hosting;
  • tracking, detection and immediate stop of virus attacks;
  • web-resource recovery if it was damaged, or a virus attack occurred, and etc.;
  • critical update installation;
  • website productivity tracking;
  • technical works on website: programming, changing and edition of functionality, layout and etc.;
  • tracking of feedback forms productivity, basket, account and etc.;
  • monitoring of domain registration date and hosting services;
  • posting or modifying of website content;
  • remote specialist consultation.

Who does the technical support? Website maintenance requires special knowledge and training, for this reason it is simply impossible to do this on your own. Stable work of a web resource is provided either by a company that carried out its development when concluding a treaty for this service and its payment, or specialists of another organization carrying out these measures as part of its substantive activities, again with the conclusion of the treaty of course. Some large companies prefer to employ a separate staff member who would maintain the site, but in reality this method is not always effective. Itha web-studio carries out not only creation of websites, but also high-quality service right up to filling it with content. In addition, we offer our clients SEO-promotion of their resource, as well as other types of Internet marketing, for example, SMM-promotion.

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