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To make a website you only need a computer, Internet and basic knowledge in this area. But making a high-quality website is a completely different, multi-phased and hard process. And the Itha company in Melbourne creates such websites that are of a high quality and stylish design, modern, and most importantly, technically correct. We will explain how we create websites, who does all stages of creation and what we need for it. There's a whole team of specialists who creates one website. It’s possible for one person to make a website, but there is a question how good this site will be. · Project manager. It is a specialist who leads the whole project from the very beginning till the very end. His responsibilities include meetings with clients, consulting customers, he also discuss in details the creation of a future website with customers, prepare the TOR (terms of reference), organize further work. Why is this person indispensable for someone who wants to make a website? Because working with a project manager is much easier than explaining separately to all the specialists working on your project how you want to see your website. And then a competent manager organizes working process correctly, getting together all the people working on a project. It will help you to make a high-quality, beautiful and, most importantly, well balanced website. · Designer. The appearance and attractiveness of your website will depend on the work of a designer. If you want to make a website in Melbourne that will have stylish design and be unlike others, then you need our “custom design” service for your project. Why is a good web designer hard to find? Just because he/she must be modern, competent in web design, creative and quite rational at the same time. But being too much is as bad as boring or primitive in design.

The Itha company in Melbourne has competent and talented web designers who will make your website truly stylish and modern. · Layout designer. It is difficult to overestimate the work of a layout designer in development of your Internet project. Its main function is to make valid layout for a site. The level and competency of a layout designer determines the quality of a site, its speed and interaction with search systems. Do you want to make a website in Melbourne that only you can enjoy, or you want to capture the attention of a wide audience? · Programmer. Everything that concerns the functionality of a website is programmer’s work. His/her task is to implement all the requirements of a TOR by developing a high-quality and functional website. Without a web programmer, no web project can be implemented. The main part of the development of an Internet website lies with him/her. At Itha company, all specialists, when creating a site, are engaged in their work, which allows achieving high results. If all these duties are performed by one person, then either he/she is incredibly talented or does websites of a poor quality. If you decided to make a website in Melbourne, you have a choice: order it from a private freelancer or entrust the project to a team of specialists. The future virtual face of your company would depend upon the choice of its realizer

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