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What is website SEO?

Website SEO is webpage position raising in search results related to keywords. The main purpose of promotion is increase in visits of a webpage. Companies order SEO to promote a resource, increase the amount of sales and clients, which means income from business. List of requests for webpage promotion is called semantic core. What does SEO include? SEO measures consist of: · analysis of what algorithms search engines use to rank pages, what factors affect the process, what innovations are used; · analysis of thematic web pages visits, query statistics; · compilation of the semantic core; · internal improvement of a website; · an increase in mentioning of a website on other Internet resources; · attracting the target audience; · control of traffic changes, rising positions in search results, work adjustment. The Itha Company guarantees a high result of SEO promotion. How to track SEO results Web resource optimization and promotion in search results has two determining factors – the visibility of a website when a user types a targeted request in a search engine, and the amount of search traffic when entering a commercial request. A key parameter in determining the quality of work also is price calculation of one target visitor attraction. To find out the position of a portal, you need to specify a search request, promotion region, search system. The analytics system which helps to analyze traffic is Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica. The information helps to describe the targeted traffic, understand its parameters, consider search requests, by which users go to a page and other information. Differences between SEO and contextual advertising Pages on the Internet have search results as a consequence of SEO, but they are often mistaken for contextual advertising. In this type of promotion only clicks from real visitors are paid, and advertising is placed for free. Only the target audience comes to the portal, so this way of advertising is more profitable than leaflets or street banners. SERP defines the most visited websites by a keyword. Most users browse the first 10 sites in search results, and it is determined by the search engine itself according to its own criteria. The task of a SEO specialist is to increase the credibility of a web resource for a search engine. How to raise a website in SERP Search engines determine the trustworthiness of websites by their own algorithms. In order for search engines to issue your portal in the top ten, you need to artificially raise its credibility. For promotion following things are usually used: · videos, pictures, unique texts; · code optimization; · placing links to your web resource on other pages. The benefit of SEO-promotion is that there are no fees for users switching to a resource, the advertising source remains on the Internet all the time, and there is the ability to profitably sell the promoted portal. The only drawback is the inability to set the exact time when the website will be in the top ten search results. The process of SEO and promotion will take some time. The average duration of work to raise a website in the top ten takes from 4 months up to a year. This service is relevant for web resources that exist for at least 3 months on the Internet. When working, a search engine takes into account: · web page age; · the number of resources promoted on the same topic; · portal usefulness criteria; · the quality of sites that link to your resource; · the number of documents on the website which are relevant to the key request. The amount of money spent on SEO promotion does not determine the speed of raising in the top ten search results. The search engine determines independently the speed of ranking on the first page. You can read more about how to promote goods on social networks here.

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