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A few years ago, programmers and site developers focused on the needs of the market and basically created standard websites by templates, without using design tricks. Since 2016, there has been a noticeable trend in the transition of design solutions from graphic arts to design of web pages on Pinterest, Behance and Dribbble sites. What is design and is it so important for website promotion – let’s try to figure everything out with help of this material. What is website design and how was it created? The first design ideas of online stores and other resources differed in such parameters:

  • free placement;
  • pictures overlay;
  • leaving the Bootstrap modular grid zone and similar libraries. It should be noted that Bootstrap was at the peak of demand in 2015-2016, and then began to decline.

Such dramatic changes in the creation of websites meant the advent of web design 3.0. This version meant complete freedom of designer imagination. In the middle of 2016, the material “Trends in Web Design” was uploaded on 83 Oranges, where the main trends and what they were caused by were explained in details. The author focused on the most popular stylistic trends in design.

  • Text on top of the picture.
  • Overlapping pictures.
  • Vertical position of text and layouts in a minimalistic style.
  • Asymmetric modular grid.
  • Pictures with large conspicuous captions.
  • Abstract details with a brand name.

Going beyond modular grids in website design First, let’s figure out what it means to get out of modular grids. It will be easier to explain with a simple example. Imagine standard hanging pictures on a wall - it looks like modular grids, where the images are arranged in a certain order and sequence. If you enter “picture wall” on Pinterest or Google in the search bar, then 90% of the response will show outdated results with the previous version of design. You can notice with a naked eye that the design has undergone significant changes, and rapid progress is taking place in all the vectors of web design. Users are accustomed to modern design; no one wants to see the boring grids from the past in galleries. As practice shows, users tend to leave an outdated resource as soon as they get there. Owners of websites and online stores want to impress friends and customers with unique ideas, and you can express emotions with the help of design. Many beginning web designers prefer to familiarize themselves at first with what best websites are preferred by customers, which features and capabilities of the resource are of prime importance for the visual perception of the picture. Modern website design trends 3.0 Today, sites mainly use sophisticated and optimized modular grids in design. Note that CSS Grid is becoming increasingly popular. Optimized website design that does not fit into standard stereotypes is becoming more and more popular. Every year a growing number of web designers improve their skills, immerse themselves in the world of web design 3.0. The trend of using various tricks in web design on Pinterest, Behance and Dribbble will continue in the future, which indicates a focus on customer needs and the desire to get an audience with the help of unique and vibrant design of the online platform. It is better to trust the development of web design to professionals who clearly understand what design is, monitor the latest market trends and improve their competence all the time, improve skills of website design and layout. And Itha Internet agency, of course, has such specialists who can create a website of any content and size with a unique design.

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