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Landing page creation

Landing page is a place, where your potential client comes first. And it will depend on this page whether this client will stay with your company or leave you for competitors. Most often, the landing page is a one-page website, the creation of which is worth working. What should a landing page contain? Creating a landing page should be done taking into account many important factors:

  • Design

Design should attract the attention of visitors, be stylish and modern, but not distract from the main purpose of its creation.

  • Usability

Creating a landing page, first of all, usability should be taking into account. It is better to make website navigation basic, understandable even to a beginning Internet user (and your company may have such clients). The structured arrangement of information, clear and understandable clickable buttons and a mobile version of a site increase client's sympathy and satisfaction for your company.

  • Information content

In order to sell a product or service, it must be properly presented to your client. Video and photo content can be a great solution to hold a visitor’s attention on your landing page. But you need to remember that the quality of this content determines further choice of a buyer to "take it or not." When creating a landing page and filling it with information about your company, goods and services, you should be guided by the rule “less is more”. There is no need to overload a page with unnecessary information that does not support a marketing strategy.

  • Expectations vs. reality

When clients go to your landing page with a click on an advertising banner, link or other source, these clients already has a certain idea of ​​what he sees on your site. And you’d better not disappoint them. All landing page content should be carefully thought out for your target audience. In addition, the landing page must contain a special offer, whether it is a unique promotion, discount or product. And to attract more attention and get customer sympathy, you need attracting headlines, right selling texts and “blocks of trust” containing reviews, certificates, awards or mention of company partners. One company can have several landing pages, each created for a specific offer. You shouldn’t make an online store out of a landing; you need to concentrate a visitor’s attention on a specific action or product.

  • Guide to action

The creation of landing pages is not always for the purpose of direct sale of goods or services. There are other goals: collection of traffic data, analytics, customer motivation, creating the image of a company. It is important to clearly define the purpose of creating such a page and place the right guide to action. You can create a short form to fill out by your customers. Using this form, you can collect the information you need or sell goods and services. A form should not be long – just a few lines with main information. The form should be placed on a visible position of your landing page. And, most importantly, the form should not interfere with viewing of all content. SEO for landing page SEO-promotion setup for the landing page must be done for key request. It is the correspondence of the promoted requests to the landing page that brings your website to the top lines of search engines. A whole range of work is carried out inside the landing page so that your target audience sees it. Focus on the target audience brings sales to a company. Creating a landing page requires patent work of same specialists who develops websites. And you should approach this process with special attention and marketing strategy.

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